Digital Learning Resources – Engaging Learners

Digital Learning Resources – Engaging Learners
A Report

Late last year I undertook research on behalf of Sovereign Hill to explore some of the contemporary theory and practice in the use of Digital Learning Resources in schools and museums.

The aim of this research was to develop an understanding of what is happening in schools at the moment, where digital learning is heading and how we, and museums generally, can best support contemporary teachers and learners.

The report looks at why digital learning resources are relevant to museums, what contemporary learning theory says about the use of digital resources, how resources are currently being used by teachers and learners, the predicted futures of digital learning resources, suggested considerations when developing resources and provides some examples of best practice.

I will be speaking about this research at my Museums Australia Conference Presentation on Thursday. With that in mind I am publishing the report here today. You can read the report here: Digital Learning Resources – Engaging Learners

I would welcome further discussion, questions and feedback regarding this report.

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