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Valuing Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction – making history fun

Working in history education is great fun, especially at a place like Sovereign Hill.  I ended up working in this field, I believe, largely because of my love of reading and watching historical fiction.  I have not trained as a historian or a conservator, but I like to think of myself as having a little bit of both inside.  But I’m not a purist.  I love history for the fun, fascinating stories about the past.  I find the most pleasure in the creative imagination that comes from thinking about history’s people and their deeds.

Sure, evidence is important (and archaelogy is cool, especially when it involves Tony Robinson!) and teaching kids to read and understand sources is a necessary part of history teaching.  But it’s the stories that make it amazing and joyful.

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Young Adult Literature: now with added vampire

I went into a local bookshop in Ballarat today, looking for a book by Lili Wilkinson. Her book, Scatterheart, is a great example of historical fiction writing for young adults, and I am planning to write about it for our Sovereign Hill Education blog. It hasn’t been that long since I’ve browsed the young adult section of a bookshop, but instead of seeing a whole lot of my favourite authors and stories (as good or better as ‘regular’ adult varieties), I found this:

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