Museums Australia Conference Presentation

Learners, Digital Resources and Museums

Museums Australia Conference Presentation by Stephanie Rosestone

On Thursday 27th September I delivered a presentation called Learners, Digital Resources and Museums.  The presentation was a culmination of both research and practical experience over the past year as part of my work at Sovereign Hill.  My presentation discussed why cultural organisations should engage with teachers and students using digital resources, explored some digital resources developed by museums, and presented some practical ideas for getting started.

The presentation was delivered via Prezi and can be viewed and shared online.  You can access the presentation through Prezi here.

The references I highlight in the presentation are available in the report I wrote last year: Digital Learning Resources – Engaging Learners.  This report was prepared for our organisation to form a theoretical basis for our future practice.

Some of the links I referred to in my presentation include:

Horizon Report – Museum Edition 2011

Will Richardson’s (and others) TEDx Melbourne Talk

Victorian PLN

Sovereign Hill Education Blog and Gold Museum Blog

Sovereign Hill Education Webinar Series

If you  have any questions regarding the presentation or links, please contact me through this blog or on Twitter.

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