PLNs for Educators

Yesterday I attended a professional development workshop led by Steve Hagardon called Teacher 2.0.  The PD focused on developing your (teachers’) Personal Web Presence and Personal Learning Network.  It has inspired me to develop a more cohesive approach to my own PLN, as mine is currently quite ad hoc.

Not only that, it has started me thinking about what teachers look for when adding sites, people and feeds to their own PLN.  I have currently been developing a blog for my workplace – – and would like to understand better how to make it relevant and useful for teachers.  How do teachers decide what to add to their PLN?

Please share your thoughts and preferences with me.  If you offer online resources to teachers, what works?  If you are a teacher, what do you look for in an online resource?  Would you subscribe to the Sovereign Hill blog?  Why, why not?

Also, what platform do you use to manage your PLN?

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