In the beginning…

It is with the view to develop a better level of competency with Web 2 applications and an deeper understanding of their potential as learning tools that I begin this blog.  Having said that, I do not forsee the posts being only about Web 2 tools.  I plan on using this as a forum for sharing thoughts and ideas about many facets of education, museums and history.

In my current work at Sovereign Hill Museums  in Australia I am looking for ways to increase student learning and engagement with the museums, and social sciences more generally.  I have recently participated in a number of Professional Development opportunities that have encouraged me to look more closely at my professional practise: both the practical implication of my pedagogy and the work I do around education resources.  These PDs include: Jamie McKenzie’s workshop Briging the Australian History Curriculum to Life, a meeting with the eLearning team at the Catholic Education Office, and just this week, two days at the Museums Australia Conference.

I am looking forward to discovering new tools, exploring new ideas, debating theories and examining practical applications in real settings.

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